Windows 9 Threshold Video And Screen Shot Leak Shows Start Menu, Task Bar And More..

Windows 8 hasn’t been doing as well as Microsoft has liked, prompting the company to announce the next OS quickly. To that end, there are rumors that the company is planning a Windows 9 preview on September 30. However, screenshots and even a video have been leaked showing Windows 9’s layout and how it works.

German website WinFuture has posted a plethora of screenshots showing the Windows 9 desktop and a two-minute video of how the Start menu works. Yes, the Start menu is back. As can be seen, the Account User information is at the top of the Start menu which would give users the ability to log in and out quickly while, right next to it, is the option to shutdown or restart the PC.

There are two sections to the Start menu. While the first section consists of the traditional-style apps, the right is dedicated to the Live Tiles that are prevalent in Windows 8. Users will be able to pin apps from the left section into the right section of the Start menu. As more apps are pinned to the right side of the Start menu, the window will expand automatically. There is also the option to resize the apps and users will be able to collapse the right section when they need to use the File Explorer app.

However, for those who like the Start Screen from Windows 8, the leaked video shows that users will have the option to switch from the Start Menu to the Start Screen. The video also demonstrated floating modern apps. It looks as if the modern apps will no longer have to be snapped into position or run full screen. They will now work like traditional Windows apps giving users the ability to resize them.

As for the task bar it is there and adorned with some new icons such as a search icon, virtual desktops icon, Windows Store, icon, and, obviously, the Internet Explorer icon.

What do you think of how the new Windows OS is shaping up?


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